Changes to restrictions on use of Paraquat

Paraquat is a broad spectrum contact herbicide with very high human toxicity.  An EPA decision in December 2019 to ban the use of some paraquat products takes effect on 12 December 2020. The following products must be used up, or otherwise disposed of, by that date:
  • Uniquat 250
  • Parable 250
  • Gramoxone Inteon
  • Preeglone Inteon
For more information see the EPA update.

A small number of paraquat products remain available for use in the agricultural and horticulture sectors. However, there are new restrictions on their use including application rates, buffer zones and droplet size. Full information is available on the EPA site.  Paraquat products may no longer be used for amenity horticulture (such as parks or roadsides) or forestry plantations.

Note: Manufacturers and distributors have until December 2021 to update labels, but growers will have to comply with the new controls from December 2020.