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All currently scheduled public courses are listed below. If one of the courses below suits you, then either phone or email the trainer direct with your name and contact details and they will get back to you. If you have any queries, such as price, venue or start time, please contact the trainer.

The Introductory certificate is no longer available. From 1 January 2018, it has been replaced by two certificates:
  • GROWSAFE Basic : for those operating under supervision
  • GROWSAFE Standard : for those working independently and who may have responsibility for managing a workplace or supervising others (Note there are prerequisites for this course.)
If you have a Introductory certificate and need to renew it, review the information about the two certificates to determine which certificate best suits your situation. Or check out this decision tree to help work out what you need.

If there are no courses scheduled in your region, contact one of the trainers in your area.   Trainers are often willing to travel if the number of trainees justifies it.  Trainers are also often willing to do in-house courses if you have a number of people requiring certification.  And this can be a good way to get your workplace-specific training done at the same time by using your own store, equipment, emergency procedures on the training course.
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