Growsafe Basic Certificate

Who should do this course?

The Basic certificate is intended for those working under supervision.  It is an entry level certificate suitable for those new to agrichemical use or those doing pre-employment training.  The focus is on practical competence.  All staff who use agrichemicals should undertake training at this level to ensure their health and safety.   Applicators with a Growsafe Basic certificate should be operating under the supervision of someone with a Growsafe Standard (or higher) certificate.

Benefits of the course

This one day course provides practical, task-related knowledge and skills with a focus on safety. The emphasis is on following workplace procedures and label instructions.  


You will be awarded the Growsafe Basic certificate on successful completion of both written and practical assessments.  There is a short written assessment which focuses on reading and understanding label instructions.  For the practical component of the assessment, there are practical tasks on the course and after the course you are required to undertake a spray activity and provide your spray diary and documentation from your supervisor/employer confirming your competency.

Unit standards

Some trainers may offer Unit Standard 27215 and/or 27216 as part of this course.  There may be different or greater assessment requirements to achieve the unit standard.  Not all trainers will offer the unit standard.  You should check with the trainer or training provider before you attend the course.


You do not require any previous qualifications to do this course.  Nor do you require any experience with agrichemicals in order to do this course, but you may not receive certification until you have provided evidence of practical experience and competency.

Growsafe offers an online pre-course learning package which is a great introduction to agrichemicals and will help you get more out of the face-to-face course. Take a look - it's free.


The Growsafe Basic certificate is valid for five years.  In order to renew the certificate, an individual can:
  • attend a Growsafe Basic course and successfully complete the assessment
  • complete an online course and assessment
  • complete a higher level certificate such as the Growsafe Standard certificate so you can take responsibility for a workplace.


Note: this certificate has been available since 1 January 2018.