Growsafe Aerial Certificates

Growsafe Groundcrew Certificate

This training is for ground crew who support aerial operations in the agricultural sector.

The course covers the safe handling of agrichemicals, storage and disposal to support aerial operations.

Trainees must demonstrate both theoretical knowledge and practical competency.  There is no requirement for practical experience/competency in application.

The Growsafe Groundcrew certificate is valid for five years.  In order to renew the certificate, an individual can attend a Growsafe-recognised renewal course or complete a higher-level certificate (i.e. Pilot Chemical rating).

Growsafe Pilot Chemical Rating

This training is for pilots who apply agrichemicals from aircraft and/or are responsible for overseeing the storage, preparation and handling of agrichemicals for aerial operations.

Trainees must have completed the National Certificate in Agrichemical Application (or the New Zealand in Agrichemical Application from mid-2020) before applying for registration.

The Growsafe Pilot Chemical Rating certificate is valid for 5 years.  To renew the certificate, an individual must attend a Growsafe-recognised renewal course.