Growsafe Accredited Organisations

A Growsafe accredited organisation is one that has demonstrated compliance with NZS8409:2004 Management of Agrichemicals.  It is awarded at an organisation level (i.e. to a company rather than individual employees).  A detailed audit of personnel, equipment and facilities, and procedures/work instructions is undertaken.  The company also needs to demonstrate that an active quality management system is in place.  Accredited companies are audited on an ongoing basis to ensure continued compliance with good practice.

Who should have this certificate?

This course is for businesses who provide agrichemical spraying services for hire or reward.

Benefits of accreditation

Organisations and companies look for ways to communicate their commitment to excellence.  Growsafe accreditation is voluntary and demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond the minimum required by law.  It indicates to current and potential staff, regulators, customers and the general public that the company is committed to safe, responsible and effective use of agrichemicals.  RCAs working in an accredited organisation can renew their certification by completing an application form and a self-review checklist and paying the registration fee.  No separate audit of the RCA is required.

How do I start the process?

To initiate a Growsafe accreditation process, email us at  Following lodgement of the application and payment of application fees, the applicant's details will be provided to an independent auditor appointed by the New Zealand Agrichemical Education Trust (NZAET) who will carry out the initial audit.  A copy of the checklist will be made available to the organisation prior to the audit.  If the initial audit is successful (i.e. no critical or major non-compliance) the auditor will make their recommendation to NZAET for the applicant to become Growsafe accredited.

How much does it cost?

The application fee is $200 plus GST.  The auditor will charge directly for the audits based on time and travel.  Audit time can be minimised by having relevant documents and evidence easily accessible.  Additional costs may be payable where follow-up audits are required due to non-compliance.


Staff within the organisation seeking accreditation must have the appropriate level of qualifications for the nature of the work undertaken and degree of supervision.  This will include at least one Growsafe Registered Chemical Applicator.

Expiry of certificate and renewal

Once accredited, an operator will be audited regularly to maintain their accreditation.  Growsafe accreditation is valid for 2 years intiially, at which time it must be renewed through an audit.  On the basis of the audit report, the validity of subsequent certificates may be extended to 3 years.