Growsafe Registered Calibrator

Who should have this certificate?

This specialist certificate is for those who calibrate orchard, arable or vineyard spray equipment for hire or reward.

Benefits of the certificate

Holders of the Growsafe Registered Calibrator certificate are able to:
  • calibrate multiple types of spray equipment to spray multiple types of crops
  • understand the reasons for calibration
  • provide instructions to the spray applicator on sprayer setup
  • ensure their own safety when calibrating.
Many quality assurance programmes require that spray equipment be calibrated by a suitably competent person.  A Growsafe Registered Calibrator certificate meets this requirement.

Certification requirements

To achieve Growsafe Registered Calibrator certification you need to:
  • complete a written assessment covering theory aspects of calibration (pre-course)
  • complete a small number of theoretical calibration calculations (pre-course)
  • attend a one-day Growsafe approved calibration training course
  • provide evidence of competent calibration undertaken on the job including checking of spray equipment.
It is assumed that aspiring calibrators are working under the supervision of an experienced calibrator and being trained on the job.  

Expiry of certificate and renewal

A Growsafe Registered Calibrator certificate is valid for 5 years, at which time it can be renewed.  This is because laws, technology and best practice are constantly changing.  While you can read and hear about these changes yourself, your customers and the regulators require evidence that you are up-to-date.  Renewal of your certificate must be done within 6 months of expiry.  If you are due for renewal, please email us and we will advise you of the next training event.  Renewal requires attendance at a Growsafe approved calibration course and a post-course assessment.

Calibrator courses

Only a small number of calibrator courses are delivered each year.  Locations are confirmed based on venue availability and location of attendees.  These courses are suitable for both existing calibrators or new calibrators who meet pre-course requirements.  Courses are one day long and involve a post-course assessment.

Please email us on to express your interest in becoming a Growsafe Registered Calibrator.
You can download 2022 course information and course registration form.