Growsafe Endorsed

As well as providing its own resources for agrichemical users, Growsafe provides a service for other providers of resources to ensure their resources are consistent with NZS 8409:2021 and thereby consistent with all regulatory requirements and industry-endorsed good practice.

The purpose of the Growsafe Endorsed mark is to validate the quality of resources provided to agrichemical users, as well as to improve the quality of these resources over time. It is also designed to give agrichemical users an independent, reliable source of information for making choices in the market.

The Growsafe Endorsed mark assures agrichemical users that the resources they are using:
- Have been reviewed by experts in safe and responsible agrichemical use
- Are consistent with NZS 8409:2021 Management of agrichemicals
- Meet minimum regulatory requirements
- Align with the requirements of industry quality assurance schemes.

Note: The Growsafe Endorsed mark does not indicate any ownership by NZAET of the resources, and the scope of the review is limited to the scope of NZS 8409.  Growsafe will use its best efforts to assess the resources for compliance with NZS 8409:2021 but endorsement does not constitute a warranty as to compliance. Growsafe will not be liable to the owner of the resources or any third party for any breach of NZ 8409:2021 by the resources.

Apply for endorsement

If you are an industry organisation or a company providing resources and templates to agrichemical users, we encourage you to apply for the Growsafe Endorsed mark. Email with a copy of the material you want reviewed and your contact details.

NZAET wants to see good quality resources and consistent advice provided to users, so there is no charge for the review unless the resource is of significant size or complexity and the review process takes more than two hours. There are some standard conditions of use of the Growsafe Endorsed mark. Use of the mark indicates acceptance of these conditions.

The Growsafe Endorsed tick was introduced in 2022.