Online Renewal - Growsafe Introductory to Growsafe Standard

Before you start

  • Confirm that you wish to renew at the Growsafe Standard level rather than the Growsafe Basic level.  (The Introductory certificate is no longer offered.)  The new Basic certificate is for those operating under supervision.  The Standard certificate is for those with responsibility for managing or supervising spray operations or taking responsibility for a workplace.
  • Confirm whether you want to renew your Approved Handler (now Certified Handler) certificate – if so, this is the wrong quiz for you.  Note you only need a Certified Handler certificate if you take responsibility for products with hazard classes 6.1A or 6.1B.
  • Check that your Growsafe Introductory certificate is not more than six months expired (if it is, you cannot renew online and need to contact a trainer for face-to-face training).  If you only have a current Approved Handler certificate, then you cannot renew online (see our FAQs for more details on this).
  • Note that you will not be invoiced until you have successfully completed the quiz. If you are unsuccessful or change your mind about completing the quiz online, there is no charge.
  • The quiz will open in a new window and you can return to this window to access resources.
  • You will need to refer to the following documents during the quiz so we suggest you download and open these before starting the quiz and keep them open until you have passed the quiz:

During the quiz

  • The quiz consists of 30 questions.
  • Many questions have multiple correct answers.  You must choose all correct answers for the question to be marked correct.
  • For most people, the quiz will take about an hour to complete.  Very few people pass on their first attempt.

After the quiz

  • If you do not pass (less than 80%): you can see details of which questions you got correct and which you did not.  Answers will not be provided for those you got wrong.
    • You can print out your results and see which questions you got correct and which you didn’t.
    • You can retake the quiz by clicking on the 'Retake Quiz' button.  Note that the questions may vary and the order of the answers may also change.
    • If you close the screen and come back another time, you will need to re-enter your name and contact details.

  • If you pass (80% or more): you can review the quiz and see which questions you got right and wrong and what the correct answers are.
    • You can print out the results
    • We will send you an email within two working days confirming your pass and attaching an invoice for $195 (GST inclusive).  Please note that we are unable to accept payment by credit card.  Internet bank deposits are preferred, though we can take cheques.
    • Your certificate will be issued once payment is received.
Sometimes the screen does not close after the quiz has been completed.  If you submitted your answers and a result was displayed on the screen, then we have received your answers and will email you within a few days.  We are working to fix this technical problem.