Products with very high human toxicity

These products are those with hazard classifications of 6.1A or 6.1B and they must be under the control of a Certified Handler  (or locked away securely).  There are also thresholds above which a Location Compliance Certificate will need to be obtained.

This is not a definitive list - products change in formulation and new products enter the market.  This list also excludes VTAs, post harvest washing, soil fumigants and fumigants for other purposes such as storage.  You are advised to check the labels or product safety information for all agrichemicals that you use.

This list is also available as a pdf  

Class 6.1A


Gramoxone 250
Paraquat 200
Speedy 250



Class 6.1B


Aquathol K
Metafol SC
Mitron 70


Agpro Lambda cyhalothrin
Dicarzol 500
Fenafos 400  - use prohibited from 1 July 2024
Metafort 60SL - use prohibited from 1 July 2024
Methafos 600  - use prohibited from 1 July 2024


Max CL
Taratek 5F
Thiram 80 WDG


Canyon (nematicide) - use prohibited from 1 July 2024
Fenamiphos (nematicide) - use prohibited from 1 July 2024
Formalin (footrot)
HarvestCide granules (biocide)
Nemacur (nematicide) - use prohibited from 1 July 2024

Changes to this list

Counter 20G - use prohibited from 1August 2023, must be disposed of by 1 December 2023
Meteor - reclassified from 6.1B to 6.1D in September 2019 after EPA reassessment
Formalin - added August 2020
Thiram 80 WDG - added August 2020
Agpro Lambda cyhalothrin, Canyon, Fenafos 400, Metafol SC, Nemacur - brand names added October 2020
Parable 250 - discontinued and must be disposed of by 12 December 2020
Divap, Goltix Flo, Nuvos, Furakote EW (seed treatment) - discontinued, removed from list October 2021
Goltix Herbicide reformulated and no longer 6.1B - removed October 2021