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Using Contract Sprayers

You may choose to use a spray contractor to undertake spraying on your property. However, the property owner or manager remains responsible for their workplace. You need to ensure risks to food safety, environment and people on your property are minimised.

  • Clarify with the contractor in writing who is responsible for notification of neighbours or other affected parties. Different regional plans have different requirements but often it is the land owner or manager who is responsible.
  • Be sure to get a copy of the spray record before the contractor leaves your property. This is so you know what was sprayed where and whether there is a withholding period.
  • Communicate your spray plan to the contractor. Ensure the contractor is aware of sensitive areas on your property and has considered how to manage them. Ensure mixing and disposal sites have been considered.
  • Check your contractor has the required training and certification – remember EPA requirements and council rules are often different for contractors.  Most contractors will need to have a higher level qualification such as GROWSAFE Registered Chemical Applicator (RCA) or be operating under the supervision of someone with an RCA.
  • Ensure the contractor is familiar with the emergency plan for your property.