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Cleaning PPE

Cleanup after spraying:

  • Don't wear the protective clothing for any longer than is necessary
  • Non waterproof cotton overalls should be removed and machine-washed separately from other clothes.
  • Waterproof suits should be rinsed-off with clean water before removal and machine wash separately
  • Rinse gloves in clean water before removing them, washing them with warm, soapy water
  • Store all PPE in a dry and clean place outside the agrichemical store.
  • Take a cool shower (hot water opens the skin's pores) and put on clean clothes


  • Clean your respirator after use. Remove the filter cartridge(s) before washing the respirator in warm, soapy water. Dry the respirator and store it in a sealed container.
  • Store filters in an air-tight container when not being used. Do not store them in your agrichemical store.