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Hazard Descriptors

Note: this table reflects controls applying from 1 December 2017.


Sub class Description Controls
2.1.2A Flammable aerosols  
3.1B Flammable liquids: high hazard  
3.1C Flammable liquids: medium hazard
3.1D Flammable liquids: low hazard
5.1.1B Oxidising liquids or solids: medium hazard  
5.1.1C Oxidising liquids or solids: low hazard  
6.1A Acutely toxic (up to 5 mg/kg) CH,TR
6.1B Acutely toxic (5-50 mg/kg) CH,TR
6.1C Acutely toxic (50-300 mg/kg)  
6.1D Acutely toxic (300-2000 mg/kg))
6.1E Acutely toxic (2000 - 5000 mg/kg)
6.3A Irritating to the skin
6.3B Mildly irritating to the skin
6.4A Irritating to the eye
6.5A Respiratory sensitisers
6.5B Contact sensitisers
6.6A Known or presumed human mutagens
6.6B Suspected human mutagens
6.7A Known or presumed human carcinogens  
6.7B Suspected human carcinogen
6.8A Known or presumed human reproductive or developmental toxicants
6.8B Suspected human reproductive or developmental toxicants
6.8C Substances that produce toxic human reproductive or developmental effects on or via lactation
6.9A Toxic to human target organs or systems
6.9B Harmful to human target organs or systems
8.1A Corrosive to metals
8.2A Corrosive to skin tissue  
8.2B Corrosive to skin tissue
8.2C Corrosive to skin tissue
8.3A Corrosive to eye tissue
9.1A Very ecotoxic in the aquatic environment GS*
9.1B Ecotoxic in the aquatic environment
9.1C Harmful in the aquatic environment
9.1D Slightly harmful to the aquatic environment or are otherwise designed for biocidal action
9.2A Very ecotoxic in the soil environment GS*
9.2B Ecotoxic in the soil environment
9.2C Harmful in the soil environment
9.2D Slightly harmful in the soil environment
9.3A Very ecotoxic to animals GS*
9.3B Ecotoxic to animals
9.3C Harmful to animals
9.4A Very ecotoxic to insects GS*
9.4B Ecotoxic to insects
9.4C Harmful to insects
CH   Must be under the control of a Certified Handler.
TR   Must be tracked through all its life stages.
GS*   GROWSAFE or equivalent certification required if used by contractors, over water or in a wide dispersive manner.