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Information, Training, Instruction and Supervision

The PCBU must ensure that all workers have the training and supervision they need to operate safely with and around hazardous substances ie to be a competent agrichemical user. If workers don’t have the knowledge and experience they need, they must be supervised by someone who does.

General training requirements

Your training and instruction should cover:
  • information on the hazards of the products you are using (eg labels and HazNotes)
  • training on how to manage the risks associated with the products you are using (eg GROWSAFE course)
  • specific training in your workplace procedures (eg your emergency plan or operating procedures for PPE maintenance)
  • practice in safely using any equipment, machinery and PPE, and a period of practical experience under supervision.

If you change jobs, you will need to receive site-specific induction and supervision in the new workplace.

Training is not a one-off obligation. Your PCBU needs to ensure your knowledge and skills are still current and up-to-date.

More information can be found in WorkSafe’s Quick Guide to Information, training and instruction for workers handling hazardous substances.

The new HSW Act requires all people handling hazardous substances to be trained in their use, rather than relying on having a few people with Approved Handler.
There is also a new emphasis on workplace specific training such as induction.

The Act now allows for condensed SDSs (such as HazNotes) rather than full SDSs to be provided to users of hazardous substances.

Specific Training Requirements

In addition to these general training requirements, there are specific requirements for training people who are responsible for the use of highly toxic or highly ecotoxic products:
For help with determining what training is required, see our decision tree .