Useful Links

Agcarm - the industry association for manufacturers and distributors of crop protection and animal health products. The site has a number of useful resources including:

  • Bee Brochure - Agcarm's brochure summarising how to minimise the impact of agrichemicals on bees
  • Storage Checklist - Agcarm's checklist for safe, small-scale storage of agrichemicals

Agrecovery - information on the safe disposal of agrichemical containers and surplus agrichemicals

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - responsible for setting the controls relating to hazardous substances and environmental impacts.

Worksafe - responsible for managing the use of hazardous substances in the workplace and Approved Handler certification. Visit this website to find further information on:

NZTA - information on transporting dangerous goods. Note that a D endorsement on your drivers licence has replaced the lifecycle 'Transport' in Approved Handler certificates. Substances requiring tracking can therefore be transferred to a someone who has a D endorsement for the purposes of transport.

Standards New Zealand - NZS8409:2004 (Management of Agrichemicals) can be purchased from this site (or directly from GROWSAFE for a limited time).