Calibrator Register

This register contains current or recently expired Growsafe Registered Calibrators.  Information is the best available at the time of publishing but we take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. Please contact us if you wish to confirm the status of a particular person.
Cert NumberNameExpiry DateHist. CertCityCompanyRegion
C-618543-00Bennett, Jason30 Jun 2023 Havelock NorthFruition HorticultureHawke's BayBennett
C-106814-01Campbell, Hayden14 Sep 2025C096-01HastingsAgfirst ConsultantsHawke's BayCampbell
C-106756-01Dames, Jos30 Jun 2023 Hastings Hawke's BayDames
C-618918-00Mawley, Andrew30 Jun 2023 Hastings Hawke's BayMawley
C-616859-00Perov, Andrey30 Jun 2023 NAPIERSpringfield NurseryHawke's BayPerov
C-106808-02Small, Greg30 Jun 2025 HamiltonFMRTop of the SouthSmall