New Theory Only Certificate

Published: July 2019

NZAET has introduced a new certificate intended for those who have knowledge but not practical spray application skills.  

The Theory certificate is intended for those working in a management or high level administrative role in relation to spray application.  This may include those managing spray contractors or spraying staff.  It is for those making decisions in relation to spraying but who do any spraying themselves (though may have done so in the past).  It is not designed for sprayers who have not yet met the practical competency requirements for the Standard certificate, but rather for those who have no intention/ability to meet the practical requirements due to the nature of their role but who are managing a workplace and/or staff where spraying is undertaken.  

It may also be suitable for those working in a rural retail role or in an academic or research capacity.

In some instances, the Theory certificate may meet prerequisite requirements for Growsafe’s higher level programmes.