COVID-19 Update (April 2020)

Published: 28 April 2020

NZAET is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our team, and assisting our customers in essential services to continue to operate. We will continue to reassess our operations as the situation evolves.

Training courses
For Alert Level 3, Ministry of Education advice is to undertake remote learning where this is possible.  NZAET has developed an online training option for the Growsafe Standard certificate for use during this time. This will involve attendance at a number of two-hour Zoom webinars with a trainer and a small number of other trainees.  You will use the printed manual as a reference and videos will replace some of the usual practical demonstrations. 

The written assessment will be unchanged but will need to be sent to the trainer for marking once completed.  The practical assessment usually undertaken during the face-to-face course will be replaced by an exercise to be undertaken in your workplace, videoed and sent to your trainer.

If you want to enrol on an online course, contact your preferred trainer to see if they are offering online delivery (not all are), or email and we can advise of some upcoming courses.

Other courses including Growsafe Basic are currently on hold.

Online renewal
People who hold a current or recently expired Growsafe Introductory certificate can renew it online.  If you are unable to complete the online renewal, for example if your technology is insufficient, then you can seek an extension to your current certificate for three months in the first instance.

GAP and other quality assurance programmes
NZAET will not be providing certification of competency to those who have not completed its training course. For those seeking GAP or similar (re-)certification, it is a decision by GAP in consultation with industry and their customers to assess whether or not the absence of a current Growsafe certificate is a critical non-compliance in the short-term during this pandemic situation.   Auditors will wish to see evidence that the online training options above have been explored. 

Our management and administration team are working from home and all services are available.  Our preference is to receive enquiries via email due to the flexible working arrangements in place.