Which Growsafe certificate?

Agrichemical users

There are requirements under both EPA and WorkSafe for training and/or certification.  Our decision tree for agrichemical users will help you identify the appropriate Growsafe certificate for you and the staff at your workplace.  


If you are spraying for hire or reward, there are additional requirements for training and certification. Our decision tree for contractors will help you identify the appropriate Growsafe course for you and your staff.     

Approved Handler/Certified Handler

Approved Handler has been replaced by Certified Handler certificate.  The Certified Handler certificate is now only required if you use class 6.1A or B substances, such as Paraquat or Counter 20G.   You will need the appropriate Growsafe certificate in addition to Certified Handler certificate.

Sale of agrichemicals

If you are selling agrichemicals then you need to ensure that your customers are suitably qualified. Our decision tree for retailers will help you know what to check.

Regional plan requirements

In addition to the national requirements sent out in our decision trees above, there are occasionally additional training and certification requirements set out in regional plans

Summary of certificates

Click on the image below to download this summary of Growsafe certificates and who they are designed for.