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GROWSAFE training covers the knowledge and practices required for safe, responsible and effective use of agrichemicals, based on the Industry Standard, NZS8409 - Management of Agrichemicals.

All agrichemical users have a responsibility to demonstrate that they understand their obligations and best practice for the use of agrichemical products. A GROWSAFE Certificate is issued at the completion of a GROWSAFE course, and provides credible evidence that you have the skills and knowledge to use agrichemicals correctly.

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NZS 8409: Management of agrichemicals

Do you need a copy of NZS8409?  We are offering a special rate of $120 plus GST including P&P.  

To order, email Carrie at carrie.matthew@hortnz.co.nz or ring her on (04) 470 5867.   


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Growsafe and Approved HAndler - What's the Difference?

An Approved Handler certificate covers you under the HSNO Act to purchase agrichemicals but you also require a GROWSAFE certificate to apply the product.

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